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The Spectrum Therapy team is a highly qualified and experienced group who understand autism, disability and children from a holistic perspective.

Nadia Bachler
Principal Psychologist

Nadia Bachler (formerly Nadia Azzopardi) is a fully Registered Psychologist with the Psychology Board of Australia (AHPRA). She holds qualifications in a Bachelor of Arts (Psychology) and Postgraduate Certificate of Professional Psychology. Nadia is an approved Medicare and NDIS provider, as well as a service provider for the federal government funding: Helping Children with Autism and Better Start for Children with Disabilities. Her previous roles have included an Early Childhood Intervention Specialist with ASPECT and Applied Behaviour Therapist at Australia’s only ABA school for children with Autism. She has also worked in the private and public sector with children, adolescents and adults.

Nadia is skilled at completing diagnostic assessments for Autism Spectrum Disorder. She has extensive experience in the use of diagnostic measures such as the Autism Diagnostic Observation Schedule (ADOS) and the Adaptive Diagnostic Interview – Revised (ADI-R). She has assessed both males and females, on various levels of the spectrum. She is passionate about helping females on the spectrum be reliably diagnosed and access the supports they require. She is dedicated to educating others on the different presentations of Autism Spectrum Disorder, for the male and female population.

Nadia also has extensive experience working with individuals with an intellectual disability. In her role as a psychologist she is trained in diagnosing intellectual disability, providing counseling services for those with a mild intellectual disability, developing Behaviour Support Plans and training parents and staff on how to reduce behavours of concern. She aims to improve the quality of life for individuals with an intellectual disability. She is passionate about implementing proactive strategies and eliminating the use of restrictive practices, where possible. She believes in the need for the consistent implementation of strategies and the up-skilling of individuals who care for those with a disability.

Amie Maguire
Occupational Therapist

Amie is a registered Occupational Therapist with the Occupational Therapy Board of Australia (AHPRA). Her energetic nature and play based skills are easily transferrable onto the children and young adults in the home and school environment. Amie focuses on building meaningful and therapeutic relationships with each and every client in order for them to achieve their goals. Amie’s past roles includes working in an Occupational Therapy Paediatric clinic which focused heavily on sensory integration as well gross, fine and play-based skills. Amie is especially committed to helping children so that their preschool, primary and high school experiences are more rewarding and successful. She completed a school readiness program with the Sydney Children’s Hospital, Randwick and has worked alongside multiple learning support teams in differing special needs schools. Amie is interested and excited about working in a multi-disciplinary team to provide a holistic range of care to assist and meet both family and client needs and goals.

Emma Whiteley

Emma Whiteley is currently studying Psychology at Macquarie University and strives to pursue a further career in Developmental and Educational Psychology. She has experience in teaching Acting, Singing, Social, and Confidence-Building workshops accompanying her Diploma of Musical Theatre at Brent Street.

At Spectrum Therapy, Emma aims to welcome each client and their family with a smile and cannot wait to be apart of their learning and growth.

Jenna Royden
Speech Pathologist

Jenna is a Speech Pathologist and member of Speech Pathology Australia. She enjoys working with clients and their families to improve their quality of life through developments in communication and swallowing. She has experience in both assessment and intervention across a range of areas including speech, language, voice and fluency, as well as assisting with mealtime management, developing social skills and skills for assisted and augmented communication. Jenna has a specific interest in working with children with Autism Spectrum Disorder and pre-verbal communicators. She focuses on functional goals that relate directly towards improving her client’s quality of life, developing their autonomy and expressing themselves in ways that can be understood by those around them. Jenna takes an inclusive approach to therapy, integrating important aspects of her client’s everyday lives including family, school and the community to encourage lasting and meaningful change. Her goal is to facilitate change whilst maintaining a fun and engaging environment that inspires others to continue striving for their goals.

Brianna Fitzalan
Occupational Therapist

Brianna is a creative and empathetic person, dedicated towards helping children reach their full potential. She is a registered Occupational Therapist with the Occupational Therapy Board of Australia (AHPRA), and also works as an assistant ‘Danceability’ teacher. Brianna’s energetic and fun nature radiates through all she does when working with parents and children. She is passionate about making everyone she meets feel safe, happy and inspired to always keep trying. Brianna strives to always be a listening ear and a helping hand to anyone in need. Brianna also has experience as an Applied Behavioural Analysis support worker, empowering children to strengthen their social skills, self-regulation strategies and self-management skills. Brianna understands that each child has their own strengths and abilities, therefore always encourages children to “Do your best because practice makes progress!’. She understands that each child is different and has their own unique set of capabilities, therefore she ensures to apply a client centered approach to all that she does with her clients and their families.

Hirali Dhawan

Hirali is a Psychologist and member of the Australian Psychological Society (MAPS). She has completed undergraduate and postgraduate training in psychology. She is trained and experienced in providing support for children who have experienced trauma and need assistance with managing behaviour and emotion regulation. She enjoys working within a strengths-based framework and using evidence-based practice to promote clients’ abilities while exploring their potential. Hirali understands the importance of working systemically and utilises parents, families and additional third parties such as schools to increase client participation and inclusion in the home and wider community. She has experience in assessment and intervention across a variety of areas inclusive of social skills, emotion regulation, behavior management and school readiness. Additionally, Hirali works collaboratively with medical practitioners, occupational therapists and speech pathologists to ensure that the client’s goals are addressed holistically. Hirali has a particular interest in working with children and adolescents with Autism Spectrum Disorder to develop and maintain meaningful relationships with their family and friends. She focuses on setting behaviourally specific goals that are practical and conducive to the client’s environment. Hirali’s goal is to promote equal opportunity for inclusion and facilitate change in a creative and supportive space.

Althea Estoque
Occupational Therapist

Althea is a registered Occupational Therapist with the Occupational Therapy Board of Australia (AHPRA). Althea is a happy and motivating person who focuses on empowering families through a fun, practical and strength-based approach in order to achieve therapy goals.

Althea’s past experience include working in a transdisciplinary team alongside psychologists, speech therapists, special educators, physiotherapists and behavioural therapists. Previously, Althea has worked as a Keyworker, Early interventionist and Paediatrics Occupational Therapist integrating fine and gross motor skills, play skills, behaviour support and sensory regulation strategies. Althea has worked collaboratively with families, schools, preschools, child care centres and other organisations to support the child’s needs. Althea has also facilitated various groups such as Transition to school groups, Music, language and literacy, Friendship skills and Toileting Workshops. Althea is committed to working collaboratively with children, families and the team around the child in order to achieve the goals.

As a receptionist at Spectrum Therapy, Mel loves witnessing the growth and achievements of clients across all disciplines. Mel became a teacher with the Australian School of Performing Arts in 2015, after being a member and student for ten years. She is especially interested in areas of creative learning through physical and collaborative activities where there is an underlying lesson to be learnt. Mel strives to support a professional environment that promotes growth and wellbeing – with lots of fun in between!
Cornelia Portelli
Speech Pathologist

Cornelia is a Speech Pathologist and member of Speech Pathology Australia. She is passionate about helping her clients and their families with their communication and swallowing needs to improve their quality of life. She primarily has experience in working with children and adults with disabilities. She is particularly interested in working with children with Autism Spectrum Disorder and augmentative and alternative communication. She also has experience in speech and language assessment and intervention, social skills and mealtime management, in both individual and group settings.

Cornelia aims to works on functional and meaningful goals tailored to her client’s needs and interests, in a fun and caring environment. She endeavours to work with others in her team and the client’s everyday life to create the best outcomes for her clients.

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