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Free resources to help families with children with special needs

access the community

One of our goals at Spectrum Therapy Australia is to improve the lives of families with children with special needs. One of core values is about connection – and this means not just with the families we work with, directly but also with our wider community. One of the best ways we can improve the lives of our families is to meet with organisations in our local Hills community and develop ways families with children with special needs can have more successful experiences with getting out and about.

Our aim is not only to help families with special needs kids get out but to educate these organisations and venues too in ways they can make their settings more accessible. Please browse our range of resources that will hopefully help to empower your family in accessing the wider community.

Policies and Procedures

At Spectrum Therapy Australia we also believe in sharing our important policies and procedures, to ensure you have the best up-to-date information about your rights and responsibilities.

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